About Us

Who We Are

At Advanced Mobile Mix Concrete, our focus is merging the convenience of mobile mix concrete with the quality of concrete from a batch plant. Each of our trucks serves as a “batch plant on wheels,” storing all of the materials needed to create the precise mix of concrete you need, whether you’re pouring a commercial slab or simply a residential sidewalk. Every mix is designed with our unique customer in mind, using your specifications or, if needed, applying our own expertise to determine the ideal slump, materials, and other characteristics for your concrete. Our mix designs have also been tested in local facilities to ensure that it meets or exceeds our specified strengths.

While we’re located in Doraville, Advanced Mobile Mix Concrete is able to serve the entire Atlanta metropolitan area and beyond due to our unique process. Unlike traditional ready mix concrete businesses, we mix your concrete on-site to avoid the many problems that can occur if the trip to your job site takes longer than expected.

To ensure that your concrete is consistent throughout your entire job, we mix only the concrete you need as you need it (up to 75yds per hour), with the process monitored and measured by our on-board computers. And because we mix the exact amount of concrete you need, you’ll never have to worry about over-ordering and paying for more than you actually need, or under-ordering and running out of concrete.

To learn more about us and how we can help your next job run more smoothly, schedule a meeting with Advanced Mobile Mix Concrete today.